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bullet_26.gif Let Our Personalized Greeting Service Represent Your Business or Church! We are the premier welcoming service in the Houston area. Our friendly greeters personally deliver welcome packages, including area information, local coupons and gifts to new homeowners. We tell the new resident about your business or church - who you are, where you are located and the services you offer. It has been shown that new homeowners will purchase more products and services in the first few months of their arrival than an established resident will purchase over several years.


bullet_26.gif We greet neighbors personally! Effective and affordable advertising that gets results. By connecting personally with each of the new homeowners in the community we have the distinct advantage of "word of mouth" advertising. Junk mail, TV and billboards all miss the interaction of a neighborly visit. We deliver small gifts and information about your business or church, and above all, we answer questions. Every time your materials are presented to a newcomer, it's a new opportunity to create that all important "first impression."

bullet_26.gif Let us help you grow your business or congregation! Newcomers rave about our visits and businesses rave about the response they get. Contact us today for more information on directing our new neighbors to you!




NOW HIRING! Positions available.

Contact Jean McCarthy at 281-580-4148 or for more information.

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